Playtex bras were in a rut. Their bras were perceived as “big lady” bras. Not sexy, not fun and definitely not something any fashion-conscious woman would admit to wearing.



Take a historically un-fashionable “Big Lady” bra brand and make it appeal to modern women.

Create a CAMPAIGN and community for women who feel comfortable dishing about bras, breasts and everything in between.  In short, a place where women can let it “all hang out”.



We targeted women 25-45. Women that are frustrated and have searched for years to find that perfect-fitting bra.  The women Victoria’s Secret has left behind that were yearning to be reached. Our messaging needed to live online, on TV and in an interactive ‘bra fitting” booth.



Warm, funny, confiding and truthful.




A platform called “BRA TALK”



Through a series of research groups, we learned what big-busted women thought of their breasts. And how the well-made, supportive but pretty bras of Playtex could become their best ally.  Our STRATEGIC Brand Positioning and campaign language came directly from the mouths of these hilarious, truthful women. We soon landed on the right tone and a campaign called “BRA TALK”.  A platform that demonstrates how the world of Playtex is a deep, funny, sympathetic sisterhood that “gets” you and your breasts.




The video we wrote and directed for the campaign receives over 1 million hits in its first week.

The insights from our research group were transformed into the successful ‘BRA TALK” campaign. With sharp dialogue and clean photography, the previously uncool perception of Playtex was now transformed into the confiding, warm, funny voice of your best girlfriend.  We oversaw PRODUCTION and created viral videos, 30-second TV spots, and an interactive bra fit booth with “Roz”, a sassy broad who would answer all your bra-fitting questions.  Sales go crazy. Ladies love it because we’re speaking their language and celebrating their long-secret bra struggle.