For 20 years, Nickelodeon was untouchable when it came to kid’s entertainment. But by the 2008 channels like Disney and Cartoon Network were aggressively chipping away at Nickelodeon’s dominance with their own brand of original programming.


Nickelodeon needed to re-fresh, re-brand and remind audiences of their relevance.  With a new string of programming geared toward families on the Nick@Nite channel, it was an opportunity to create an avenue for new viewers and to reach not only kids, but also whole families.


There were two tasks to accomplish.

 1. Oversee a re-brand of the Nickelodeon channel, “Nick@Nite”.  A BRAND EXECUTION project that resulted in a modern look and feel that would be inviting to viewers and advertisers.

 2. Through STRATEGIC BRAND POSITIONING, create new revenue streams through initiatives that gave advertising partners ownership and product placement opportunities.



Branding a channel means refreshing the graphics, language and brand elements.  These new channel elements were rolled out through the promotional space and digital advertising.  The rebrand elements also came to life in a new integrated marketing franchise “Quality Time with the Keenes”.  To cast a wider audience net and invite ‘modern comic families’ to our channel, we turned to our Viacom partner channels - VH1, MTV and Comedy Central for cross-network advertising insertions.


Sharp, pithy, comic.


The answer developed along two lines:

A brand refresh that resulted in a modern, groovy logo and visuals and an integrated marketing franchise to open new avenues for revenue generation.



The NICK@NITE brand refresh and campaign



Integrated Marketing In a time where ad dollars were trickling away and advertising needed to be smarter and leaner, we took our inspiration from classic television of the 1950’s.  We referenced variety and talk shows that acknowledged a show’s sponsor and integrated it’s products into the storyline. From this inspiration, we hatched the idea of Quality Time with The Keenes.


The Keenes are a typical American family.  They love television.  They love quality time with each other.  And they’re grateful to the sponsors that make these magical moments possible.   With a self-aware, comic style the Keenes were engineered as a household stage to showcase consumer products using on set product placement and integrated marketing devices.


Products integrated into the storyline and on set product placement gave Nick@ Nite’s advertisers program ownership in an uncluttered advertising environment. The “KEENES” maintained the personality of Nick@Nite, yet invited client brands to seamlessly become part of the Nick experience.



We updated the look and feel  of the channel with updated graphics and a witty tone, then surveyed the on-air real estate. Where would be able to introduce the Nickelodeon brand and invite the interest of advertising partners? Where could we create avenues of recurring revenue?


After taking stock of the media landscape,we created, wrote and directed the original integrated marketing PRODUCTION, “Quality Time With the Keenes”.  The Keenes enticed advertising partners like Home Depot, Kia, Toyota, Electronic Arts and Sonic to the channel, becoming a successful integrated franchise that ran for years.