In the early days of the Internet, Lexis Nexis was the go-to search engine for the legal industry. Several factors led to its decline including years of lackluster innovation and a host of new competitors that were competing for the same space.  But Lexis Nexis took stock, re-trenched and re-launched.  With the technical challenges overcome, it was time to reintroduce Lexis Nexis as a competitive, trustworthy tool for the legal community.


Through a B-to-B CAMPAIGN, we were tasked with creating loyalty and appeal for the next generation of attorneys, law students and legal professionals.  We partnered with Lexis as ADVISORS TO THEIR MARKETING DEPARTMENTS to re-launch their search platform and demonstrate that Lexis is where the modern lawyer begins their search.


At one time, when attorneys wanted to search for legal precedent, citations and case history, there was only Lexis Nexis.  In the 2000’s came the introduction of Westlaw by Thomson Reuters and Google Scholar.  These search platforms encroached on Lexis Nexis’ territory because they were either free, extremely low-cost or actively targeting law students.  Lexis had to re-introduce itself as an essential partner in law education and explain the newest, must-have developments in its search engine.


Progressive, challenging, modern.


Appeal to the attorney’s mindset and acknowledge that this is a group of highly motivated people who always go for the win.  Create a campaign that understands their desire to be first, to deliver a competitive edge and claim a victory over their opponent. Present Lexis as easy-to-use for both new and seasoned lawyers.



As creative directors at Liquid Agency, we oversaw the re-launch of Lexis Advance 4.2- the newest search engine platform for the legal industry. Our Strategic Brand Positioning turned a familiar legal term into a rallying cry for lawyers. An invitation to get the right answer first so you can build the best case and deliver exceptional client service. The strategy invited attorneys to “Be Unprecedented”.




BE UNPRECEDENTED positioned the attorney as a dynamic legal trailblazer. Someone who was progressive, forward thinking and when armed with the best information – completely formidable.  This tone informed a discovery phase and led to a refreshed look, feel and voice. Through a brand guidelines campaign, a law student campaign and digital campaign, we  positioned Lexis Nexis as the ‘go to’ tool for attorneys in all phases of their career.  The campaign demonstrated that Lexis Advance is where the modern lawyer finds the information that gives them the edge.