Why should I choose London in New York?


It’s all about the fit. From working at agencies big and small, we found that a lot of firms were “tone deaf”. They could write a strategy, put on a great meeting, but often the results lacked specificity and nuance. A lot of the work we saw was so broad that it made brands feel generic. What we knew was missing was the emotional connection with consumers. We started our own consultancy to address what we felt wasn’t working in many client/ firm interactions. We approach brands as characters in a story. And with our backgrounds in writing, film, art and design, we could write a story that is both unique to the brand today and applicable as they grow and mature.




What is Tone?


Have you ever stepped into a restaurant and felt immediately comfortable? The menu is appealing. The lighting is flattering. The environment is welcoming. The service is attentive but not too attentive. All the details add up to the feeling of “YES! I like it here. This is a good experience and I want to come back.” That’s the power of Tone. If Tone were a person, it would be defined as the elements that attract others - how they dress, speak and project authority and presence. We apply our observational and strategic expertise to develop the right TONE for your products and create a rich, emotional platform that connects deeply with customers and clients.




Are you an advertising agency? A branding agency?


We’re creative consultants. Tell us your challenge. We will partner with you and draw on our decades of brand and advertising experience to create the right look, feel, message and execution for your products. We think about brands as umbrellas. What we create is big enough to grow and change with your company. Our goal is to change perception and engage new audiences, while bringing process and accountability to every partnership. Our sensibilities and observational capabilities as artists (we’re also filmmakers,musicians, artists and playwrights) inform and shape the look and tone of the product.




What are your capabilities?


We have created concepts, overseen and executed brand campaigns, produced TV and film spots, engineered digital campaigns, designed experiential installations and developed brand guidelines. Together, we work on a scope of deliverables that fit your budget parameters. We have the capability to bring the ideas we have developed to life, or we can partner with your in-house marketing department to oversee the implementation.




Are you able to deliver integrated campaigns across omnichannel platforms?


London in New York is a “big” small shop. We can develop strategy, design campaigns and execute the creative product, or, work with your internal marketing departments as advisors and an outside eye. We can draw on our relationships with our digital partners, social influencers, media planners and marketing partners to deliver a fully integrated campaign. Each campaign is created and executed against the appropriate TONE.




You sound like a small firm. How can you scale to meet my needs?


We are a boutique firm, but we have a deep bench of talent we can draw upon to solve a multitude of challenges. Our colleagues and partners include top account directors with global experience from Saatchi & Saatchi and Ogilvy and Mather. We have connections with digital partners and social influencers. And our design and creative talent is ready at the go. In short, let’s figure out the best solution and we’ll provide the best people. Our flexible business model allows us to scale up or down to meet your need and deliver the scope of work.




Who are your partners? What are their capabilities?


With our digital and marketing implementation partners, we can offer ‘big agency’ services within the framework of a boutique firm.  We partner with FRSH Digital Group, a mobile innovations studio that can do everything from execute a website to create the latest drone technology.  For traditional media planning and partnerships, there's  RPM Marketing, an inventive marketing firm creating memorable value exchanges for brands. The results are an integrated campaign that’s scaled to fit your needs.




What is your business model?


We don’t just meet with you, we join your team. We embed with your company to listen, shadow and learn. That could mean attending meetings, speaking with employees and interviewing stakeholders. We’ll check in with you along the way to keep you apprised of our learnings. Through this process, we’ll emerge with a strong point of view and theories that we’ll test against real deliverables. We create foundational campaigns that can be built upon and grown over time to meet emerging business objectives.




Embedding sounds high touch with my staff.

How much of my staff time is needed for your process to work?


Embedding is high touch, but we promise we won’t come home with you, sleep on your couch or come to your kid’s soccer game. It’s close but not THAT close. We’ve found that an initial kick-off followed by 2-3 meetings a week for a 2-3 week time period works for most clients. We know everyone has work to do and we’re there to help, not hamper.




Where did you get your advertising experience?


We have backgrounds in advertising and branding serving with Fortune 500 companies. Our corporate experience ranges from global agencies to boutique firms. Our experience includes Kraftworks, Laird and Partners, Liquid Agency, Nickelodeon Creative Advertising, Gotham Beauty, Lowe Worldwide and Saatchi & Saatchi.




What are your fine art backgrounds?


Carolyn London is a writer and director. She has been a playwright, a music video director for for XL recordings and the director of over 12 short films. Her film LOST TRIBES of NEW YORK CITY was featured in the MoMA show “Talk to Me” curated by Paola Antonelli. Michael is a graphic designer, photographer and furniture designer. In 2010, Michael’s body of work for DFA Records was featured in the exhibition “That’s cool, but can you make it more sh*t? A retrospective of the art of DFA Records”.  Both Carolyn and Michael continue making art work to stay creative, curious and open to what comes next.