"LONDON IN NEW YORK = Team Amazing! From inception to completion, LNY identified our needs and collaborated with my team to produce unique and memorable content - regardless of budget constraints. It's the family London In NY creates with each production that sets these amazing talents apart."


–Jennifer Pearlman

Pic Two Productions





"Michael has been a true guiding force in developing our brand and design. We hope to be working with Michael and the LNY team for a very long time. Beyond his immeasurable talent, Michael's positive attitude and guidance takes all the anxiety out of trusting someone with your branding and advertising project. Michael's decisions, suggestions and finished work always reflected the ideals we had in mind and exceeded our wildest expectations for the end product. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Michael for making our project personal while always being a consummate professional. People ask us constantly "who did your branding?" and it is always with great pride that I get to say our friend Michael Vadino and his team."


–Zach Frankel

Frankel’s Delicatessen





“Working with Michael and Carolyn of LNY was effortless. They are both such genuine people who shine with professionalism and creativity.  They also have such a refreshing direct approach that is so crucial to achieving our goal. Our business benefited from their clear, precise directions.”


–Andrew Marriott

Public Defender






"Having worked with Carolyn and the LNY team for more than a decade on a variety of commercials and web content, I’ve always been struck and inspired by the depth of her talents, creativity, and knowledge of the marketing, advertising, and filmmaking crafts. The team’s ability to effectively communicate and connect with clients, crew, and talent  fosters a collaborative creative environment that is evident in the quality of the work."


–Russell Swanson

Director of Photography






“Carolyn and Michael met at my agency over 10 years ago. And it makes sense that they’ve come together in business. Not only do they have great style and excellent taste, but they’re a smart, conceptual team. The perfect mix of art and strategy. My clients were always excited by the work they delivered."


–Neil Kraft







"Having worked closely with Carolyn London on several projects at Nickelodeon, I can say that she approaches every creative challenge with a sense of purpose, passion, and a strong desire to innovate. Carolyn brings smarts and wit to everything she does, while simultaneously remaining open to new ways of seeing.  Due to this openness, I have witnessed her empower creative teams by building an optimistic atmosphere of collaboration around her.  If I were asked to describe Carolyn and her team’s approach to the work-- in one word it would be “fearless”.


–Matthew Duntemann

Emmy Award-winning Creative Leader